GRS Blog: More Free Stock From Webull

Webull aded to my free stock today. Their promotion is that you get two free shares when you open an account and two more when you make an initial deposit into that account of at least $100. Now that my $125 deposit has been credited, Webull emailed to tell me that I have been given two shares of Alamos Gold, Inc., (AGI), valued at $8.11.

So, my Webull account now has a cash balance of $125, two shares of SWN worth $3.89 each, and two shares of AGI worth $8.11 each. this gives me a total balance of $149 at Webull.

Click here if you’re interested in opening an account with Webull (I’ll get a few shares if two people open accounts with $100 or more).

Now the I’ve collected my sign-up bonus, I’ll have to turn my attention to selecting a company–or two–to buy into. This is where I’ll start to figure out how these micro-brokers make money–and whether I think they are a good avenue for young investors to get into the financial markets. Obviously, they have to collect fees somewhere; but, it hasn’t been readily apparent to me when and how those fees come into play.

I’ll keep you updated on my stock-buying and fee-paying experiences.

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